Get Ready for a Holiday Road Trip

The holiday season is here. While a significant number of travelers go for air tickets, snarl-ups on the roads cannot be underestimated because more people decide to take on the wheels. Our staff in Augusta focuses on ensuring you are well prepared and safe on the road. Regardless of your driving distance, the following travel tips are vital:
  • Carry adequate supplies in the event of a medical issue or accident: first aid kit, essential tools, water and extra snacks are necessary.
  • Irrespective of your travel destination, road congestion is a guarantee on the holidays. Plan to drive either early in the morning or late at night to avoid rushing on time.
  • Mark designated stops for restrooms and refreshments as well as gas stations. If driving with kids, carry games, water, snacks, music, and videos to occupy them during the holiday.
  • Remember to bring your vehicle for a service check a day or two before departure.
These tips assure you of travel without a hitch. If in need of more preparations for your holiday plans, stop in at Charlie's Toyota and learn more from our highly esteemed members of staff.
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