Salt Is For One, Kitty Litter And Sand Is For Another

Kitty litter can effectively remove your vehicle from situations in which your tires become sunken into ice or snow. All you have to do is remove the kitty litter from its packaging, then pour it behind your vehicle’s wheels. It will gain traction, as long as your vehicle is still functioning, has enough gas, and you have enough kitty litter, likely preventing you from having to get in touch with the local tow service.

If you don’t want to carry kitty litter, or carry two types of readily-available substances to keep your vehicle out of trouble, feel free to use both to increase the chances of getting yourself out of such a situation, similar to one that’s mentioned above.

You can also keep salt in your garage or vehicle to melt any ice that’s in your driveway or in nearby roadways, keeping you and others safe. Trust our team at Charlie's Toyota to keep your vehicle safe this winter – come to Augusta to see us.
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