Why You Should Choose to Repair Your Vehicle At Charlie’s Toyota

Generally speaking, there are two options available to you when your vehicle needs part replacement or repair work. You can take it to an independent mechanic shop and have them do the work, or you can take it to a dealership. Both options have their pros and cons, and with a little information, the correct choice for you can be made.

Most of the time an independent mechanic shop is going to be using aftermarket parts on your vehicle. Aftermarket means that they are made by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and can have vastly differing quality levels. Dealerships ensure their mechanics are not only highly trained and certified but they also only use OEM parts when working on a vehicle. OEM parts are all made with the same quality standard as well as being made in the exact same way as the part you are replacing.

Bring your vehicle to the experts here at Charlie’s Toyota when you need repairs done to make sure your vehicle gets the highest quality service.

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