Explore Your Lease-End Options

If the contract on the new Toyota model you leased from Charlie's Toyota is about to end, then the time has come for you to plan what to do next. In particular, there are three options from which you can choose. For the convenience of our customers around Augusta, Maine, we have laid them out below.

01. Trade Your Vehicle

One common option is to trade in your vehicle. You just have to return the model you currently have on lease back to our dealership, and we will let you exchange it for a newer car, truck, or SUV within our new Toyota inventory.

02. Buy Your Vehicle

Another common option is to buy your vehicle. People often choose this route when they discover that the model they leased satisfies their needs. So if you too want to keep the Toyota you are now driving, then consider speaking with our experts on how you can finance to own it!

03. Return Your Vehicle

If you find that you would rather try something different, such as buying a model from our certified pre-owned Toyota inventory, then you are welcome to return your leased vehicle back to our dealership. We will assist you through the process, no matter what you decide.

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