The Innovative Safety Features That Come Equipped With the Toyota Corolla

At Charlie's Toyota in Augusta, our team strives to keep our consumers informed about the vehicles that we offer. The Toyota Corolla is a top choice with consumers for a number of reasons, which include its advanced safety features that offer drivers and passengers ample protection.

The Corolla comes with a standard Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. This feature will provide the driver with a visual and audible alert when a frontal collision is detected. When the driver applies the brakes, the system may engage Brake Assist, and it can also activate the automatic brakes when necessary to avoid an accident.

Another safety feature that is standard with the Corolla is Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist. This feature automatically activates when the Corolla is going above 25 mph. It uses sensors to detect lane markings and monitors for when the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of its lane. When needed, this feature can adjust the steering input to help you get back into the correct lane.



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