Safety Systems in the 2019 Toyota Prius C

Toyota has gone above and beyond to make the 2019 Toyota Prius C a safe vehicle to drive. This popular compact hybrid hatchback is available with advanced technology that's capable of watching your surroundings for you.

There are two components that help to make the advanced safety features possible. There's a front-facing camera that's built into the front of the cabin. There are also sensors on the front end that monitor the road. They work together to provide you with lane assistance. They can measure where the vehicle is and where the road marking are. If you start to drive over the line, alerts will let you know. The equipment also works with the Automatic High Beam system. Your headlights can switch between light settings as your environment changes.

Want to see these features in action? Come on down to Charlie's Toyota in Augusta today to take the 2019 Toyota Prius C out for a test spin.



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