Check Out These Toyota Prius Technology Features

In the market today to purchase a new compact hybrid/ Take a look at the technology features in the new Toyota Prius and you may fall in love with this vehicle.

One popular feature in the new Toyota Prius is the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Similar to how a regular cruise control system operates, the big difference is this system scans the highway ahead for slow traffic. If detected, the brakes get powered down to maintain safety, resuming speed when clear.

The new Toyota Prius comes with the Lane-Keeping feature to assist drivers with maintaining their lanes when distracted or tired. If the radar detects the vehicle drifting from the lane, the steering wheel pulses to try and get the attention of the driver like when driving over rumble strips.

Now you have the opportunity to test drive the all-new Toyota Prius because it is here on the lot at Charlie's Toyota!



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