The Toyota Camry is Designed for Safety

The mid-sized Camry sedan is prized for its many features that include the elegant yet sporty exterior. However, the latest models offer more reasons to love a Camry. The vehicles feature a number of safety features. See the 2019 Camry in person at our Charlie's Toyota facility. Feel free to take a quick test drive.

The collision system protects your and the vehicle in the front of the sedan. When sensors detect potential danger, the driver receives audible and visual alerts. When you apply the brakes, the system helps by adding more force. If the driver does not react in time, the brakes engage automatically to slow you down.

The automatic headlights ensure you have the appropriate level of illumination at night. When night falls and the environment is darker than desired, the high beams automatically engage. If a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, the low beams dampen the intensity.



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