Toyota Corolla Exterior Features

Have you seen the latest Corolla Hatchback? What an amazing vehicle for the price and power! The Corolla has come a long way in recent years. The base style is perfect for those who are on a budget and want fuel efficiency, but there are also plenty of upgrades that will give you more fuel efficiency, style, or power. The Corolla Hatchback SE Manual is one of the most fuel-efficient compact vehicles on the road, boasting 37 miles per gallon according to EPA estimates.

US News & World Report have given high marks to the Corolla for its reliability and safety. That’s because the new models come with sensors and cameras along the outside of the new body as well, allowing you to see your blind spot and monitor traffic conditions through your dashboard.

You can test drive the latest Corolla and see the new designs for yourself when you test drive at Charlie's Toyota located in Augusta.



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