Safety Features of the Toyota C-HR

Since 1933, the Toyota company has produced its innovative brand of vehicles, but it wasn't until the 1960s that the car company gained recognition in the United States. Today, its model lineup includes the C-HR, a popular subcompact SUV that offers drivers style, superior road performance and a host of safety features.

Place your C-HR in cruise control with confidence, knowing that it constantly utilizes radar technology to sense the proximity of nearby drivers. Rather than the driver applying the brakes when necessary to maintain a proper distance with nearby vehicles, the C-HR performs that action all by itself.

The C-HR can also use its cameras and radar to detect pedestrians, constantly sweeping the road ahead for obstructions and warning the driver if it finds any. The camera works by detecting shapes that resemble pedestrians. The vehicle can also take evasive action by applying the brakes to avoid a collision with any obstruction.



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