Ride and Drive the New Toyota Yaris

The Japanese automaker Toyota is well-known for technical advancements in automotive technology. They are the faces behind some of the most well-loved, dependable, and advanced vehicles on the planet. Their mission is to create and sell quality products at a reasonable price, and the Yaris epitomizes that ethos. In Augusta, there are many reasons to get around using a fuel-efficient vehicle like the Yaris and at Charlie's Toyota we are incredibly proud to offer a full suite of Yaris models.

The technology package on the Yaris is everything would expect from Toyota. There are Bluetooth, Siri and Bixby controls, and a dual-channel sound system that automatically links to your phone, tablet, or other electronic device. In addition, the Yaris comes with many of its features having the ability to be controlled using your smart phone or using the touch button on the steering wheel or radio console unit.



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