Exterior Features Of The New 2019 Toyota Prius

Why have compact hybrid cars quickly become one of the most common selections among new car buyers? Many believe that it has to do with the combination of incredible exterior features in tandem with great fuel efficiency. That is why our team of hybrid experts at Charlie's Toyota located right here in Augusta are so excited to tell you all about the new 2019 Toyota Prius!

The Prius comes equipped with LED taillights and headlights giving it a unique glow that will make it unmistakable even in the darkness of night. Also, these taillights and headlights will outlive more traditional lamps meaning fewer trips to the shop for repairs and lower maintenance bills over the lifetime of the vehicle. Finally, the clean lines of the exterior of the Prius make it a highly desirable car. Heads are sure to turn as you drive down the road in the incredibly well-designed vehicle.



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