The last fifty years of brand dedication and serious design has culminated in the Toyota Tundra, a popular full-size pickup truck with extensive safety features, comfortable interior perks, and premium exterior qualities. The Tundra is distinctive and fierce with a heavy-duty 10,000-lb tow capacity and integrated hitch with bolt-to-frame system. This truck is perfection for both work and play.

Exterior-wise, the Toyota Tundra reigns with top-ranked safety features, like automatic high beams that auto-toggles between high and low lights as 1) cars approach and 2) the surrounding landscape dictates. Ergo, you always get the perfect amount of light to drive by. Your options for personalization mean you get six model choices with lots of colors, like Barcelona red or quicksand.

When you have time for a Tundra test drive, come down to Charlie's Toyota. We are excited to help you explore your buying options of reliable, strong pickup trucks.



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