A transfer case in an integral part of every vehicle. In fact, it is involved in the determination of how each vehicle performs on varying road conditions. As a part of the drivetrain, transfer cases assist vehicles that rely on rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive functionality. This part works by transferring power from the transmission to axles in the front and rear via the drive shaft.

While a transfer case is important in all vehicles, it is especially necessary for four-wheel drive vehicles. This component is responsible for transferring power to the back wheels to enhance functionality in four-wheel drive models. The way the transfer case divides power between the front and rear wheels enhances a vehicle's traction, as well.

A transfer case functions much like a differential. The main difference between a transfer case and a differential is that a transfer case transfer power to two different axles, as opposed to two wheels located on the same axle.


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