Whether you like the TRD Handing Package, Torsen limited slip differential or flat-four boxer engine best, one thing is certain when it comes to the new Toyota 86. This Toyota vehicle is not lacking at all where performance-based features are concerned. For this reason, Charlie's Toyota recommends the Toyota 86 to performance-minded Augusta Toyota enthusiasts.

What makes up the TRD Handling Package? Those elements are the SACHS dampers, the Brembo brakes set and the durable Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Thanks to these components of the TRD Handling Package, driving a Toyota 86 is quite a thrilling experience. Combined with the aforementioned Torsen limited slip differential, this TRD Handling Package will serve Toyota 86 drivers very well.

The Boxer-four engine is where the Toyota 86 gets is impressive power. This 2.0L flat-four boxer engine produces 200 to 205 horsepower depending on whether your Toyota 86 includes an automatic-equipped or manual-equipped transmission.


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